About us

Riganti is an Italian manufacturing company specialized in hammer hot drop forging

The company’s flexible and vertically integrated production cycle serves several industrial applications by providing a wide range of components of different shapes, steel grades (carbon steel to nickel alloys) and sizes from 15 kgs (33 lbs) to about 1,800 kgs (3,900 lbs).

All items can be supplied forged, heat treated, pre- or fully machined, painted to customers’ specifications and ready for assembly and can be certified by the most important international bodies.

Riganti focuses on small and medium series of forgings relying on well-rooted expertise in counter blow hammer technology.

The company integrated QHES system is certified to EN 9100:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001:2018.

As family enterprise, Riganti can go through a fast decision-making process and, based on its long-term experience, can offer a far- reaching skill on evaluation of product feasibility and material specifications.

The plant covers a total area of over 48,400 sq. meters (over 57,000 sq. yds), 27,000 (32,000 yds) of which are covered. In the most recent forging facility hosting the bigger hammers a modern sound-proof environment ensures a smooth forging process to the benefit of the neighbouring installations.

New projects to increase the production capacity and to widen the range of products are also under way.

With its 30,000 ton yearly forging capacity and its current workforce of 220 people, Riganti can also offer as a benefit to its customers a complete replacement set for all its hammers in operation, thus being ready to cope with unforeseen events during forging activities.

The production cycle also includes in-house die manufacturing, with an existing stock of over 3,000 dies, a state of the art machining department and a painting shop to provide ready for assembly components.

Riganti currently supplies 50% of its production to the domestic market and 50% to the European and overseas market (US, Brazil, India, Middle East, just to name a few).


To pursue innovation based on our long accomplished history, combining the flexibility
of a craftsmanlike production with a state-of-the- art technological know-how of a modern manufacturing enterprise


Being aware of the responsibility towards several stakeholders, we care about


pledge of the whole organization to satisfy customers' expectations as to product specifications and service provided

Environmental sustainability

steady effort in implementing new technical and organisational solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing process


focus on our responsibility in contributing to the social and economic development of the community we belong

and Safety

commitment to safeguard the physical and psychological integrity of all the people involved in our activities with a proactive and responsible approach at all levels of our organization

Our story

The long history of an Italian family company throughout generations