Industries served

Riganti wide range of forgings encompasses all the main mechanical fields

We supply the main valve manufacturers worldwide with components such as gate (1” to 7”) and choke (1” to 9”) valve bodies, ball valves up to 14”, closures up to 12” and fittings. Our production is devoted mainly to subsea and surface wellhead applications, flow control and drilling systems featuring closed die forgings from 15 to 1,800 kgs from carbon to alloy steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys.

For decades we have been suppliers to a large number of international OEM of forging components for construction and mining equipment as well as for agricultural machines, providing yokes, spindles, undercarriage parts (idlers, sprockets and hubs), axles, links, knuckles, crane hooks, some also finish machined, painted and ready for assembly.
We supply components for the leading international industrial engine and compressor manufacturers, used for a broad range of final applications (i.e. gas trasmission and storage), such as connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts, piston heads and piston bodies, pump heads.

We serve the transportation and railways business with closed die forgings that allow a higher performance for components like draw hooks, disc brakes, buffers, support arms. Riganti is a qualified supplier of Trenitalia (Italian Railways).

A large share of our production covers components for transmission systems and gear boxes used in mobile machinery, railways and wind energy applications, among which shafts, pinions, wheels that can be supplied also premachined/machined in a broad range of different shapes and steel grades.

We supply the main international marine manufacturers with components for engines and propulsion system such as crankpins (up to 1,000 mm Ø and 800 kgs weight) supporting controllable pitch propellers typically mounted on tugboats and vessels.
Separators and decanters are widely used for centrifugal technology in the food and chemical industries. For those applications we have achieved high standards in forging and finish machining of bowl bodies, bowl hoods, sliding bowl bottoms in different stainless steel grades (martensitic, austenitic, duplex and superduplex) and weights up to 900 kgs.
As qualified supplier, we produce critical components in high performance remelted steel for leading aerospace companies. Since 2013 our integrated quality system has been certified according to EN 9100 (AS 9100 D) Aerospace standards.