Riganti technical team is highly skilled to cover all the steps resulting in its vertically integrated production process, Including hot-drop-forged/finish machined part and tooling design, forging process simulation and CNC program development for die manufacturing and machining.

To this purpose the company is equipped with 5 CAD posts (Creo parametric Software) and 4 CAM posts for CNC milling and turning. Back in 1999 Riganti was the first Italian forging company to implement a forging simulator software, that has been ever since a basic tool for the developing of parts and dies design and the planning of the manufacturing cycle.

Widening the scope of simulation application

Thanks to the sinergy between the technological and operational competences achieved in forging process, in 2015 a fully automated preforming system was introduced integrating a 400 ton hydraulic press with a manipulator controlled by a PLC that implements simulation outcomes.

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FEM Simulation of forging process

Simulated final workpiece dimensions

Forging program loaded
on machine panel

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Forging cycle execution

Complete final workpiece