Forging shop is mainly equipped with:

Mechanical Press:

  • 2,500 ton line


  • 10,000 Kgm line
  • 16,000 Kgm line
  • 25,000 Kgm line
  • 32,000 (2) Kgm line
  • 35,000 (2) Kgm line
  • 40,000 Kgm line

All lines are complemented with gas/induction furnaces, pre-forming presses and hammers, trimming and straightening presses.
A fully automated preforming system was also introduced integrating a 400 ton hydraulic press with a manipulator controlled by a PLC that implements simulation outcomes.
Riganti can offer as a benefit to its customers a complete and a ready available replacement set of rams for all its hammers in operation.